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‘Putting your best foot forward’

The last thing we think about when we are training is our feet.

We simply take them for granted…………….. Oh, we make them look beautiful with the odd pedicure and painting our nails but when was the last time you gave yours a bit of TLC and a workout?

Think of the forces we put through them daily as we achieve our 10,000 steps and more. Simply walking can be 1.5 times your body weight; running up to 5 times and sprinting, to do your interval training, even more. Boy, do they work hard.

So some simple TCL to take care of them is a wonderful thing.

At Byfleet Pilates, we offer classes for footwork – literally. There are balls available to massage and stretch your feet from the moment you walk into the studio.

What can you do at home?

  1. Simply allowing your feet to stretch out and walk without shoes when its safe to do so.
  2. Wriggle those toes, can you spread  them out and do a Mexican wave with them? I love to do this on the massage ball, standing on the ball and rolling it under my foot. I hold the pressure points for several seconds.
  3. Sitting at your desk write the alphabet with your feet, you’ll be surprised how hard that can be but great for the ankles.
  4. Try picking up the towel from the bathroom floor with your toes after your shower – one foot at a time please!
  5. Stretch your ankles as you start to climb the stairs, holding the banister, with your toes on the bottom step reach your heels downwards. To improve your ankle strength now raise up on to your toes – don’t bounce.
  6. Can you still walk on your tip toes? try it carefully please close to the wall if you need the support.

Have fun with these exercises, your feet with thank you , especially as party season arrives and you put them in those  killer heels.