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We take our client welfare seriously at Byfleet Pilates. We ask all clients to have a private assessment. Whether you are planning to have private or group sessions it is important we understand your body and your goals. Your personal assessment is designed to help us build your personal programme.

Private Tuition

These are bespoke sessions and perfect for anyone. With the focus on you, you will see and feel the results in no time at all. Using Body Balance Pilates equipment and the mat we will work towards safely achieve the best possible results, giving you confidence in your movement and improved posture.

Group Sessions

Studio Classes/Circuits – max 3 clients.

These sessions are extremely popular and use the equipment and mat. The numbers are kept small making them as personal and safe as possible for a group session, especially in these new times. Each week the exercises and information will build upon previous week so you have a good understanding of your body, how it works and how to get the most out of it. The groups vary according to experience and range from Novice – (Starting at the beginning) to Advanced.

Client comment:- We “Grow together” in our sessions.

Introduction to Pilates

From time to time we run ‘Introduction to Pilates’ courses. Please contact us to see it one is planned in the near future.

Let’s talk Pilates –  the Introduction to Pilates will deal with the basics.

We aim to put you at your ease in a Pilates enviroment. You will learn all the basic movements, including breathing, and how it relates to your movement.

The classes will be progressive and incude safety around the equipment.

These short courses are perfect for someone new to Pilates.


Special Groups

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Pilates is suitable exercise both during your pregnancy and after baby arrives. Exercise is important for your general wellbeing and fitness. It can help with the common discomforts of pregnancy and also prepare your body for labour.  If we do not have a class running it is safe for you to join and existing class and we can modify the exercises for you.